Jazz On The Plazz Returns!

Los Gatos Music & Arts proudly presents Jazz on the Plazz, a line-up of jazz performances on Wednesday nights, from 6:30pm to 8:30pm, June 22nd through August 24th. At the Los Gatos Town Plaza just across from The Satellite, on West Main Street and Santa Cruz Avenue in beautiful downtown Los Gatos.

About Jazz on the Plazz:

Our Mission

Los Gatos Music & Arts provides opportunities for our Silicon Valley community to enjoy and appreciate a full spectrum of fine arts through live performances, exhibitions and educational programs. We produce outstanding quality, free-to-the-public concerts, featuring world-class local and international musicians. Additionally, we sponsor youth workshops and provide funding for music and arts programs for people of all ages.


Our Vision

Los Gatos Music & Arts envisions a world where all people have the opportunity to experience the joy of inspiration through creative arts.


Our Values

Los Gatos Music & Arts is guided by the following set of principles and core values:


We Are Committed to:

PRODUCING free live music performances accessible to all.

NURTURING future audiences and artists through live performances.

SUPPORTING ARTISTS by hiring original singers, songwriters, musicians and composers.

PRESERVATION of ethnic and cultural music traditions and art forms.


CURATING by shaping relationships among artists, exhibition spaces, and audiences.

EMPOWERING YOUTH through mentoring, volunteerism and intern opportunities.

EDUCATING through workshops, master classes and lecture programs.

SPONSORING educational programs and important fine arts projects.

BUILDING COMMUNITY by engaging community members to contribute to the cultural health of our neighborhoods and Silicon Valley communities.

APPRECIATING the value contributed by all staff, volunteers, artists and patrons through their generous donations of time, talents and financial support.

STEWARDSHIP and preservation of our human resources in order to maintain stability and viability of our organization.

UNITING PEOPLE of different life experiences to promote understanding across cultural boundaries.